Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder – We Bought It! Now Find Out What We Think of It.

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A couple months ago I shared our thoughts on the Leapster Explorer, an educational gaming system recommended for kids ages 4-9. If you didnt read it, take a little detour and check it out, then come back here to find out our thoughts on the Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder!

We have been sorely in need of new Leapster Explorer games weve had the opportunity to try the Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg game (which you would think is all about drawing but its so controlling of what you draw that it leaves no room for actual free creativity and bores my daughter to pieces) and a couple of the simple, inexpensive ($7+) downloadable games available for the Leapster Explorer but none of them have really impressed us as awesome yet. I determined that for her birthday I would make sure to get her something new.

I decided on the Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder because Emma is always asking to use my phone to take pictures. I knew she would love to have her own camera (and I would love to give her something I didnt have to worry about her breaking). So thats what Emma received from us for her birthday, and she couldnt wait to try it out!

When you open the package, you find that there is no game cartridge its actually an accessory that plugs into the base of the Leapster Explorer. I like this because it can stay in the Leapster Explorer permanently, even while its charging in the charging station.

After downloading the software , youre ready to use the camera! I was delighted to discover that its not just a camera and video recorder there are also a myriad of fun activities like:

Edit your photos, add stamps, draw on them, or add special effects.
Create themed cards like putting your childs face in a rock star scene.
Write silly stories and add your photos to them.
Play a space game with your childs photo in the space ship, zapping specific letters or numbers.
Make puzzles from your photos.
Add music to your videos.
Download photos to your hard drive, share them via Facebook, email them, or print them!
And much more!

One of my favorite games for Emma to play is the one that sends her on missions. It gives her a describing word (and says it out loud) like hairy, green, or tasty and she is to find something matching that description and take a photo of it. There are different categories for each mission, too shapes, alphabet, and emotions being some examples. Its so much fun!

Here are some photo examples:

There is really SO much to do, and there are so many ways to be creative, I cant name them all in this review. I can tell you that this is WELL worth buying for your Leapster Explorer, and even worth buying the Leapster Explorer or LeapPad Explorer for this game!

I really cant think of anything I dont like about this accessory. The fun factor makes it a great purchase for young children! As far as photo quality goes, you wont get the best photos with this, but as a camera for little kids I find it more than adequate! I know that my 4-year-old is more than thrilled with her photos and doesnt mind that theyre not perfectly clear. That said, she still has taken quite a few nice pictures. Here are some examples:

Notice that it takes better pictures in bright light. 🙂

Official Trailer for Camera and Video Recorder:

Want It?

Right now there is an AWESOME deal on this camera accessory, which is already affordable at $24.99 regularly get it for $15.45 with free shipping! Its from an Amazon store called UKforLess, and it says it takes up to a month to get to you, but mine arrived in a week (they sent it air mail). Im really happy with my purchase and the great deal!

Do you have a Leapster Explorer? If so, I would love to know what your favorite games are! I need suggestions on which ones to buy next. 🙂

My Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. This review is not sponsored in any way I purchased the product and wanted to share our thoughts on it with you!