Leapfrog Learning DVD + CD Set Volume 2 Review (3 DVDs and a Learning CD!)

Ever since my daughter started learning her ABCs and numbers practically by herself, by the way Ive been on the lookout for learning tools that will entertain, engage, and excite her. Leapfrog is one of those brands that Ive had my eye on, browsing their website often and reading reviews on their products. They have a great reputation and products that teach kids in a fun way, like the Leapster, Tag Jr., and ClickStart.

But did you know that they also carry learning DVDs for children? Until now, you purchased these DVDs teaching math and words separately, but now you can purchase them in sets for a fantastic value!

Thanks to Leapfrog, I received the Leapfrog Learning DVD + CD Set Volume 2 for review. This set includes three separate DVDs (Math Adventure to the Moon, Word Caper, and Math Circus), as well as the Learning Songs Music CD which contains 13 songs from Leapfrog DVDs (ABCs, rhyming, and math). Each DVD is approximately 36 minutes.

DVD & CD Details:

Math Adventure to the Moon (ages 3-6): Tad and Lily need the perfect collection of things to take to school for their math assignment. When they finally decide on moon rocks, theres just one problem how will they get them? With some magical help from their firefly friend, Edison, they board a rocket ship to start their quest. Soon the twins learn that math is everywhere, even in outer space! Watch as they use their skills in counting, sorting, skip counting and recognizing patterns to overcome obstacles, find new friends and make the trip back to Earth!

Word Caper (ages 3-6): A wild word-building adventure! When Mr. Websley is accidentally silenced by the Silent E Machine, Leap, Lily and Tad must journey through the Complex Word Complex to build the code words needed to return his voice. Guided only by the Absent Professor Device, the kids learn how to build the complex words needed to solve the code and save the day. Humorous songs add to the fun and help teach the rules for advanced word-building. This title was previously released as Talking Words Factory 2: Code Word Caper.

Math Circus (ages 3-6): Step right up to the Math Circus! Watch the Quidget Family and the Subtractobats perform high-flying feats of mathematics! In this astounding story, Leap, Lily, Tad and wacky Professor Quigley train numbers to count, add and subtract in a series of amazing circus acts. Numbers and Quidgets fly from trampolines, trapezes and cannons as they teach early mathematical concepts. In addition, humorous songs add to the fun and help reinforce educational concepts in an amusing and memorable way.

Learning Songs Music CD (ages 2-6): Sing, dance, and learn with these 13 delightful songs from the LeapFrog DVDs available for the first time on one music CD! LeapFrog Learning Songs include ABC, Math is Everywhere, Lets Rhyme, Days of the Week, and more! Track listing includes 30 minutes of songs: The Learning Path, ABC, Days of the Week, Count to 20!, Animal Families, The Sorting Game, Math Is Everywhere, Skip Counting, Tell Me the Number, The Shark Tooth Song, Crab Counting, Lets Rhyme!, and Big Letters, Small Letters.

A Moms Thoughts:

I really like the way their DVDs are set up. Leap, Lily, and Tad are froggy characters that take your child on an adventure, teaching along the way. Math Circus teaches number recognition, counting, and addition & subtraction. Math to the Moon teaches counting, sorting, and patterns. Word Caper teaches word building, the silent E concept, and letter blends. There are sing-a-long songs, too I wish I had had something like this when I was a kid!

These DVDs are all recommended for ages 3-6 years. My daughter is almost three and can count through to 20 by herself and say and recognize her ABCs. Im ready to teach her word recognition and phonics, and easy addition and subtraction. Just a little background for ya!

Some of the concepts in Word Caper are over her head (shes not ready for the silent E yet), but since they are things I want to teach her eventually Im glad shes seeing and absorbing this kind of knowledge early. The math DVDs are more at her level since they reinforce counting and number recognition, and introduce basic math. She enjoys the songs immensely (she LOVES music), so Im really glad they included those in the DVDs. The Learning CD also is a favorite and includes songs reinforcing the alphabet, counting, rhyming, counting to 20, animal families, and even days of the week!

I do want to get her the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD because I think shed really benefit from starting with that DVD and then moving on to Word Caper later; so what I want to do is buy the Leapfrog Letters and Lessons DVD Collection, which includes Letter Factory. Its really the best deal and I think that these DVDs are more than worth investing in! Plus, I can hardly resist the awesome deal Amazon.com has on the set right now at $17.99! Excuse me while I go order this NOW! 🙂

Final Thoughts: I cant recommend these Leapfrog DVD sets more! Theyre a terrific value, a fun teaching tool, and entertaining to boot. 🙂 Go buy a set now!

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