Layermi ~ Light, Lacy, Comfortable & The Only Way to Layer (For expecting mommies, too!)

Have you ever been out in public and had your baby or toddler tug on your shirt, pulling it down? Im kind of paranoid about that, actually, and in general refuse to wear shirts that are loose around the neck or lower cut for this reason and, well, I have no desire to show my cleavage off, either. If I have a top that Ill be worrying about the entire time Im out, I usually wear a tank top or camisole under it. But since Im pregnant, layering has become a bit more difficult. Nothing fits anymore, and sometimes the double layer is just too much. Especially since I wear belly bands, too.

I couldnt help but think wouldnt it be cool if there was a camisole that could be worn while youre pregnant and after?

Then I discovered Layermi! At Layermi, youll find a bandeau (strapless band of fabric that goes around your chest) that is comfortable, pretty, and takes care of all your layering needs and they can be worn whether youre pregnant or not!

There are two types you can purchase: The Dressymi and The Casualmi. The Dressymi is made with a silky fabric and has more lace than the Casualmi, which is made with a soft ribbed fabric and has a picot trim. Both come in black and white, and the Dressymi comes in Ivory with black lace as well.

What makes THIS bandeau special?

I was able to try out both the Dressymi and Casualmi, and Im happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you! First, I love their sizing chart. Its so easy to figure out your size based on your bra size, and I found it to be very accurate oh, so rare! 😉

Now, regarding the look and feel of the garments themselves. These are the cutest, classiest layering undergarments Ive come across! The Dressymi is silky, and the Casualmi is super soft. Both are extremely comfortable and fit over my chest perfectly, covering everything I want covered with a pretty lacy fabric.

I love the addition of lace at the bottom of both styles. I feel so pretty when I wear these. 🙂

There are no straps, but they arent needed and it stays securely in place without a problem. I like that I dont have to deal with straps or an overly tight fabric I dont want to feel like Im wearing a sports bra, after all. I actually dont feel like Im wearing anything extra, which is awesome!

Modeling the Dressymi. 🙂

I really love wearing both of these, but if you are going to start with just one Ill suggest the Dressymi because I love all the extra lace and the silky feel. It really feels more like a pretty piece of lingerie than a layering garment! Im immensely happy with Layermi and would love to have bandeaus in every color to add to my wardrobe!

Where to Buy

Order the Dressymi for $30.00 and the Casualmi for $28.00 online at Layermi!

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I would like to thank Stacey of Layermi for sending me the product reviewed above in order that I might give you a thorough review. This review was also made possible through Chic Execs. This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone. I do not feel obligated to write a positive review Ill always share my honest thoughts on products.