Sarah McLachlan’s New Album is Lovely!

Up until now, I hadnt listened to much of Sarah McLachlans music beyond what I heard on the radio. So when I was invited to review her new album, Laws of Illusion, it was only natural that I decline politely. But something about the album caught my attention (probably the beautiful cover art), and I decided to listen to a sample song first. And I absolutely loved what I heard! I decided to accept and waited eagerly for the review copy of Laws of Illusion to arrive at my home so that I could listen to the entire CD.

I wasnt disappointed in the rest of the music. The songs on this new album are enchanting and a pleasure to listen to. I love the lyrics, too they are pure poetry! One of my favorite songs is Illusions of Bliss. Its one that Ive been listening to over and over (yes, Im one of those people that listens songs to death when I find one I love, haha).

Laws of Illusion is a lovely blend of Sarahs beautiful voice, guitar, and drums. If you havent listened to her music much in the past, I hope this review will convince you to give her music a try now. And if you are already a fan, youll love this new album!

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