Last-Minute Sewing for Baby (Pictures!)

I have a list of projects I wanted to sew for Isaac before hes born, but was disappointed to find that I never really had a lot of energy during my pregnancy for sewing. Its also hard to sew with a toddler around, so I would try to plan for it after she had gone to bed only to find that I needed to go to bed at the same time. Or fall onto the couch, exhausted from the day.

Thankfully the last two days Ive had enough energy to work on a few projects and so my burp cloth stash is finally growing to a respectable size and Ive been able to make some fun stuff for my friend Erins upcoming baby shower as well. Im not going to post what I made for Erin but I will later for now, heres what Ive done for Isaac

Remember the blanket I was working on for Isaac that I told you about this post?
I finally finished it! 🙂

A lovely soft minky is now gracing the back of it. Emma loved it so much that when I showed her the blanket she ran up to me, took it with a huge smile on her face, and said, Thank you! then proceeded to go and sit down with it covering her while she watched TV. Uh oh, guess Id better make her one, too!

My second project was this Wee Wee Wigwam (I used this tutorial here).
Ive heard that little boys can be rather, er, messy when diaper-changing time rolls around so I made a few of these for fun. I have no idea if Ill be using them or not but theyre awfully cute! And they were very quick and easy to make up! The insides are chenille.

Burp Cloths!
Cant go wrong with these, just rectangles of flannel or cotton backed with chenille.

And finally, my favorite project so far a crinkle taggie toy!

I didnt follow a pattern for this one, just made myself a square pattern and layered cotton, minky, and a bread bag that made a noise that wasnt too loud but that a baby who is just ready for toys will enjoy. It was a great way to use up ribbon scraps, too. Fun and rewarding!

Im not sure what Ill try next if I get up the energy again. I still need more burp cloths so Ill probably be making up a few more. I did find a tutorial for a really cute infant car seat cover so I may attempt one of those though it looks like a bigger project than I want to start right now.

So have you been up to anything crafty lately? Have you done any crafting for babies before?