Kolcraft Contours Options 3-Wheeler Stroller Review {Giveaway Closed}

Im really REALLY excited about this post because:

1. Im nuts over this stroller and cant wait to tell you why.
2. Kolcraft (LOVE this brand!) is generously giving a stroller away to one of my readers!

First, check out this gorgeous 3-wheeler, all-terrain Kolcraft Contours Options Stroller:

I know, I know love at first sight, right? Im all about three-wheeler strollers right now because of their ability to maneuver smoothly on any surface grass, uneven ground, asphalt, etc. I have had the unfortunate experience of trying to push a four-wheeler stroller (the brand will remain unnamed, but they cant all be this bad) over even grassy ground and it was AWFUL! Bumpy and uncomfortable to push. The baby attempting to sleep inside didnt like the experience, either. After that, I decided that any stroller I purchased EVER would have to be all-terrain.

Of course thats just one of the many features of this particular stroller. Oh my word, just wait until you see what it can do I am so excited about these features!

Yes, your child can face away from you like a standard stroller OR face toward you with a simple flip of the seat. Not only that, but the seat can be taken off completely so you can use it as a travel system with your infant car seat!

This Moms Thoughts

As a new Kolcraft Mom (see right-hand sidebar), Im working with Kolcraft to bring you a complete review of the Contours Options 3-Wheeler Stroller II. My purpose here is to give you an idea of whether or not this is the stroller for your family by sharing my experiences with it, pros and cons, etc.

Receiving & Ease of Putting Together:

Ill admit that I was overwhelmed when I unloaded the box and found all of these parts staring me in the face.

I started to do it myself but totally wimped out and asked my husband to put it together. He did it quickly and with minimal complaining (unlike some other things hes had to put together in the past) so I deem this a relatively easy assembly! Actually, the truth is I had gotten started on everything and he finished it the instructions are clear and there are picture diagrams to follow. We had no problems, Im happy to say!

My daughter immediately had to jump in and test it out herself. Im delighted that she can get in and out of this stroller easily all by herself (she ducks in under the bar).

Kolcraft Contours Options Features

Yep, I made this diagram just for you! 🙂

One of my favorite features is the hard wheels they cant go flat! This was actually the downfall of our last jogging stroller (which I LOVED until its demise). The tires kept going flat and then my husband accidentally overfilled them with air and I think they were damaged after that. The stroller never did feel the same. That can never happen with this stroller and that gives me a lot of peace of mind! I also appreciate the fact that the front wheel locks into place for rougher terrain, or is able to be unlocked for swivel use and easy maneuvering.

The rest of the features Im really happy with, too. The sunshade works well, though it isnt made to cover the front of the stroller so if youre facing the sun youre on your own. I believe there are sun visors you can buy, but Im not sure which ones would work so that would take some extra effort on your part if thats an issue for you. I personally am happy with sun hats and sunglasses. 🙂

Another thing to note is that there is no tray for the child, but instead there is a padded security bar that latches and unlatches easily for in-and-out access. Theres also a cup holder for the child that attaches to the side of the stroller.

I found all of the features super easy to access. Switching the seat from facing forward to facing mommy is quick and the seat is light so its not awkward or a pain at all. I can easily do it while we are out!

Lifting and lowering the foot rest area of the seat from baby to child use is simple, too!

I had read in some reviews that taller children arent very comfortable in this stroller, but I didnt find that to be a problem at all for Emma, who is tall for her age and a little over 30 pounds. However, the entire seat really isnt that high so it is possible that by the time shes 40-50 pounds she might be more uncomfortable and unable to completely rest her head back in the seat.

As far as folding up and storing, it only took me a few minutes to figure out how it collapses (and it cant with the seat in the backwards-facing position) and now that Ive caught on its a cinch. Its not quite as light or as compact as my last jogging stroller, but it fits in our trunk and thats all I care about!

Things I Really Love:

  • The brakes work GREAT and are very secure. Love that its a simple, easily accessible foot brake, too.
  • The fact that the foot rest area moves up and down so that babies can feel more secure and lay back.
  • Large storage basket area will fit diaper bag, blankets, and more!
  • Parent tray has ventilated cup holders and a space for phone, wallet, etc.
  • It rides SMOOTH and is comfortable to push!
  • The swivel wheel makes it very maneuverable I would feel confident taking it up and down aisles in stores, etc.
  • A car seat attachment is included just remove the seat and add the car seat attachment and youre ready to go! You can find a list of the car seats that are compatible with it here.

Video Demo of Maneuverability Courtesy of Emma!

Value, Recommendations, and Final Thoughts

I love this stroller! You really cant beat the price when it comes to features and smooth drive. I havent seen any strollers that let your baby face forward and backward for under $200, thats for sure.

As far as who would most appreciate this stroller, I think its perfect for a new mommy! You can start out using it as a travel system and then let your baby face you when he grows out of his infant car seat. For a toddler, its still definitely a great stroller, but if he/she is very tall or you have older children you might want to look into one of the other Kolcraft strollers. However, Emma has had no complaints and loves to ride in it much more than in my jogging stroller, so I know its comfortable for her.

So final thoughts? Im more than happy with this stroller and can recommend it highly it is a very nice, high-end stroller, well worth its price of $169.99! And guess what? You can currently find it on Amazon.com on sale for $124.99. 😉

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