Kindred Spirit Mommy Got a Makeover! :)

Its been a long time since Ive had a makeover! I mean since my blog has had a makeover, but come to think of it I need a makeover, too. 😉 As much as I liked my previous design, I really wanted to do something different, something more personal.

So I took one of my favorite recent Spring photos of Emma and added the text I wanted and here it is! The really hard part was installing it, though. And so I sent my friend Angie of Blessed Beyond Words and Angie Vinez Designs an email asking if shed help me out. Im so glad I did because she was AWESOME! She installed my header, made me a button, and even added the social icons in the top right-hand sidebar that Ive been putting off adding because I dont know html very well. I really recommend her if you need a re-design or help with anything on your blog she wont charge you an arm and a leg, either. A huge plus is that shes a cool person and worth getting to know anyway. 🙂

So what do you think?