Keywords that brought you to my blog…

Ive gotten a kick out of bloggers sharing the keywords from search engines that brought readers to their blog, mainly because some of them are so funny and off-the-wall.

Here are some of mine:

reuse baby clothes You came to the right place! Check out my post, Sweet Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes!

baby nursing shawl reviews I do have a review for the Lovedbaby Nursing shawl. Its awesome!

Book report over kiss by ted dekker Doing a book report on it, huh? Well heres my review, but I think you should read the book for yourself. 😉

moby sling tutorial Not sure how you got to my blog searching for this. Dont know whether you wanted to know how to use the moby wrap or make one. But heres a nice tutorial I found from Savvy Chic.

Jane eyre i have something in my brain that assimilate me mentally to him
Oooookay. I have no idea what this means or what someone was searching for.

when does jane eyre paint herself? You know when I saw this I thought, Jane never paints herself. I envisioned Jane looking like a bucket of white paint was poured over her head. Im assuming theyre asking about Jane painting a self-portrait, though.

toot and puddle reviews I have reviewed one Toot and Puddle childrens book: Toot and Puddle Ill Be Home For Christmas.

amazing crochet How about a crocheted tree cozy? Talk about amazing!

how to remove a kindred spirit This is very strange to search for. Hopefully theyre not talking about me. But why remove someone who is a kindred spirit?

i would rather die a thousand deaths Me too. 😉