Journals Unlimited ♥ Devotional/Prayer Journal Review

I remember when I started my first serious journal. I was about 11, and my grandma had given me one of her special journals. It was hardcover, floral, and said Journal across the front. It was special to me because it was from my grandma but, most importantly, it was a journal. The days of childish diaries were gone I had graduated to an adult journal!

I still love journals, almost too much. I dont know what it is about a bound book full of blank pages, but Im just dying to grab a pen and start filling it up with thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts. Heaven knows I have enough thoughts. 😉 Hence the blog. lol

Thanks to Chic Execs, I recently discovered Journals Unlimited an online journal store destined to take up too much of my time. I seriously want at least ten of the journals they carry. What would I do with ten journals, you may ask? Well, thats simple. I would, of course, line them all up on my nightstand and write in a different journal every night!

Here are a few of my favorites from Journals Unlimited:

  • Baby Care My Baby Journal (Give it to your babysitter or daycare provider)
  • Mom A Mothers Journal (Journal your journey through motherhood)
  • Books Ive Read A Readers Journal
  • Memories Our Family Journal
  • Recipes A Cooking Journal
  • Dreams A Dream Journal
  • Maternity My Pregnancy Journal
  • And way too many more to list!

Journals come in several different sizes and can be purchased in bright colors like you see in the photos here or in plainer brown covers.

One of the things that makes Journals Unlimited extra special (besides the awesome selection) is the fact that you can custom create a journal of your own, customizing everything from the picture on the cover to the pages inside! Many have taken advantage of this great service, including businesses and churches. The possibilities truly are endless!

They also carry unique notepads featuring, for example, checklists, shopping lists, and honey-do lists, as well as a Between Me and You series in which you choose a notebook for a family member or friend filled with questions for them to answer. After they answer those questions, they give the notebook back to you so that you can learn more about them! I especially love the Grandma notebook myself.

My Thoughts:

Journals Unlimited sent me a journal of my choice review. I chose the Daily Devotions A Prayer Journal because I knew I needed to start a prayer journal. Writing down my prayers has always blessed me. Its easier to stay focused and less likely that your mind will wander when youre writing, and I love having the record of prayers answered over time. And having a brand spanking new journal sitting on my desk staring me in the face is a great incentive to get started again!

What I love about this journal:

  • The layout of the pages is absolutely perfect for me! Sometimes a blank page can be overwhelming and you dont know where to start, but this devotional journal starts off simply with things like The weather today, Today I feel, and Today I am grateful for. At first I was surprised to see weather in there, but its a fun way to begin. Probably because weather can have an impact on mood. View sample pages here.
  • There is a full page space for a prayer, verses, or more thoughts if you need more room.
  • The journal is bound so that it can lie flat and is super easy to write in. It is very well-made, hardcover, and the paper is nice and thick you cant see the ink through the page, even with a rolling ball ink pen. Thats my experience, anyway.

I have no complaints whatsoever about my new journal. I love love LOVE it, and wouldnt hesitate to recommend Journals Unlimited to anyone.

I want more journals!

Beg, Borrow, Steal or Buy!

You can order your very ownColor or Regular (tan) Journal from Journals Unlimited for $18.95. Keep an eye out for sales, though! 🙂

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Disclosure: Journals Unlimited sent me a journal free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. Thanks to Chic Execs for connecting me with this great company!