I Totally {Heart} My New Joovy CocoonX2 Stroller! (Rave Review)

I am SO excited about this review. Ive owned this amazing 3-in-1 stroller for two weeks and it has surpassed every expectation I could possibly have had for it! I actually had this stroller recommended to me by a very wise and super nice Joovy representative (Pam) after I explained what I wanted in a stroller. I told her that my ideal stroller would be a double jogging stroller that rode well on all terrains since my daily walk/jog takes me across grassy areas, dirt trails, and paved hills. I also live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains and rains and RAINS, so wanted something that could be easily covered. I didnt think it was possible to find something that would give me the option of running with my kids in wet weather, but thats exactly what the Joovy CocoonX2 does! Two children up to 100 pounds fit inside, and, the icing on the cake, it converts to a bike trailer and jogging stroller! I LOVE it!

And now, let me tell you ALL the reasons it has become my favorite stroller by far. 🙂

The Joovy CocoonX2 came in a large rectangular box. I actually put off opening the box and putting it together for three days, assuming that it would take an hour or so to assemble. I decided to wait until my lovely hubby had time to help me put it together. Imagine my surprise and slight embarrassment when, upon opening the box, it came almost completely assembled! Seriously, all we had to do was pop the wheels on and it was ready to go it took a whole 5 minutes.

My daughter Emma couldnt wait to get inside. She was a big part of the selection process and specifically requested that we get an orange CocoonX2. They also come in black and green, colors I would normally prefer over orange, but I conceded since orange has the most visibility and we want to use it as a bike trailer in the future.

So Emma immediately jumped inside, got strapped in, and couldnt stop telling me how much she loved it inside. She peeked up at me through the peek-a-boo window in the roof, enjoyed the view from the large vinyl side windows, and sat comfortably on the bench seat inside. There is plenty of leg room, and there are side pockets that can hold snacks or toys. The mesh door zips closed and can be covered with a vinyl cover that gives great visibility but protects nicely from rain or snow.

Inside youll find 5-point adjustable harnesses. Everything inside is easy to clean, too!

The handlebar is adjustable (taller people can push it comfortably) and is covered with a soft foam grip. There are two handbrakes, one over each rear wheel (see video review). The large back wheels and front swivel wheels make the stroller super easy to maneuver over any terrain. It goes SO smoothly over rough terrain, let me tell you! I love that I can take shortcuts easily. And its incredibly lightweight, too, surprisingly so. This makes it ideal for jogging!

The CocoonX2 folds compactly to fit in your trunk, but its a little more complicated than fold-and-go. You have to pop the wheels off and collapse it, then load it. This is a bit of a hassle, but totally worth it in my opinion.

See my full video review:

Final Thoughts:

I cant recommend the Joovy CocoonX2 more, both the single and double version. Its versatility, comfort, and maneuverability make it a 5-star stroller! Note that to make it into a jogging stroller or bicycle trailer, youll need to buy the Joovy Trailer Hitch and/or Joovy Jogging Wheel.

I havent had a chance to test it out as a bike trailer yet, but when I do Ill update this post. 🙂

Joovy also has a single Cocoon Stroller that holds one child up to 60 pounds and is 27 inches wide.

Want it?

You can buy the Joovy CocoonX2 from Joovy for $549.99. Its also available for purchase on Amazon.com for $447.76 (at the time of this post) with free shipping!

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I received a CocoonX2 courtesy of Joovy so that I could share my thoughts and experiences with it with you. All opinions are 100% mine. 🙂 My Amazon affiliate links can be found in this post.