Jogging Strollers Vs. All-Terrain Strollers

Ive been doing some research on the advantages and disadvantages of jogging versus all-terrain baby strollers. I have a jogging stroller that was purchased for me as a gift when my daughter was born two years ago and it has held up very well its a Baby Trend stroller. BUT, Im not a hard-core jogger and it has mainly been used for taking walks and the occasional light jog. It was not very expensive and I dont think it will hold up through both of my babies, so Ive been shopping around for other types of strollers.

Since I love the three-wheeled look and the way these strollers maneuver, I thought I would look into other types of jogging strollers. Then I discovered that there are two types of three-wheeled strollers: Jogging and All-Terrain.

Whats The Difference?

The main differences Ive found between them are that jogging strollers are made for serious joggers and all-terrain strollers are made for people who like to power walk or hike on all different terrain. Jogging strollers are also lighter and most of them have a fixed front wheel, a deeper child seat, shock absorbers, and even hand brakes. All-Terrain strollers have a swiveling front wheel for easy maneuverability, are heavier than jogging strollers, have more cup holders and other convenience features, and have tougher tires. Of course, special features depend on the stroller youre looking at.

I started looking into other peoples experiences with these strollers and this Baby Jogger Performance Series Stroller review caught my eye. Yes, I am dreaming this is not something we can afford at this time, but it is a NICE stroller for jogging! I almost can imagine that if I owned this it would be enough to get me outside and jogging every morning without fail. Think of how quickly I would get into shape after this baby is born! I have no doubt that jogging with this stroller would be a completely different experience than what I have had with my Baby Trend.

As long as Im dreaming, an all-terrain stroller I love is the Bumbleride Indie All-Terrain stroller. Not only does it come in gorgeous colors, but I love the fact that the childs seat is upright so that he or she can see everything while youre walking. I dont know about you, but my daughter wants to see what is going on she doesnt want to be lying down while I run.

Wouldnt it be wonderful if we could all own strollers for every situation in life? I would own a jogging stroller for jogging, all-terrain stroller for hiking, an umbrella stroller for shopping, and a tandem double stroller for taking my soon-to-be-two little ones out on a leisurely walk.

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