I’ve Fallen Asleep and I Can’t Wake Up!

Not really. 😉

My question: What do other new moms out there use to stay awake, alert, alive so they can take care of their attention-demanding babies?

Feed me! At 3 a.m. thankfully I can do that while dozing though its not really pleasant for either me or Emma when I jerk back awake moments before falling out of the rocker.

Change me! My break from work was supposed to be a short one but when I go to grab Emma from her swing to feed her I have a surprise waiting for me there has been an explosion and those supposedly leak-proof diapers that are BRAND-NAME (grumble) are NOT LEAK PROOF. Im seriously considering suing.

Play with me! This very often is in demand after the 3 a.m. feeding when Im waiting ever-so-patiently for Emma to finish eating so I can get a couple more hours sleep before getting up at five. Instead of dropping back off to sleep like a good little baby (hey, Little Ricky went to bed with a smile and an okay, mommy! every time his mother told him to in I Love Lucy) she gives me a huge grin and I helplessly respond with my own sleepy grin which of course encourages her. I quickly straighten my face as she squirms joyfully and giggles loudly, but the damage is done. I glance toward the open door to our bedroom and hope it didnt bother her sleeping daddy who has only an hour more to sleep. In a hopeless effort to convince Emma its not play time I close my eyes and make snoring noises to no avail, of course. Shes AWAKE, and thinks Im hilarious.

So my drug of choice is black tea with French Vanilla creamer in it (mmmm) my version of coffee since that beloved beverage gives the baby Im-not-sleeping-tonight Syndrome (Disclaimer: Not a real medical syndrome. Yes I do know that, I am a medical transcriptionist, after all. 😉. I also like to drink iced green tea and Cherry Pepsi but Im trying not to get into the habit of needing Pepsi since it has so much sugar in it.

I also love dark chocolate, but I havent had that in the last few weeks. *sad sigh* Must stock up on it again.

Thankfully Emma and I have reached a place in her babyhood where she doesnt feel the necessity to get me up in the middle of the night (I thought that would go on FOREVER!) and so my need for a pick-me-up is not quite so dire as it used to be. I got through that fussy stage with frequent naps which is actually the best way to survive that stage if you possibly can and with the invaluable help of my husband. But caffeine was a good friend, there when I needed it at 5 a.m. when I was sleep-walking through my morning routine, fervently wishing I could go back to sleep.

Im glad SOMEBODY can sleep!