Isaac @ 9 Months = Throwing, Teething, Biting, Almost-Walking, and NOT Sleeping!

Isaac is 9 months now and wow, there have been some big changes from last month!

His new favorite game is throwing. Everything. All. The. Time. I give him a cracker, he grins and throws it. I give him a toy, he laughs and throws it. I think hes proud of this talent.

He also greatly enjoys pulling things out of drawers and bookcases, and pulling himself up to sit in kiddie chairs. Nothing is sacred anymore.

His hair is getting thicker even Emma is noticing and keeps telling me, Look, his hair is growing!. Its not quite as red as Emmas which is making me wonder if itll be more my color (light brown/reddish brown but not nearly as red as Emma).

He has four teeth now, two top nubs and two bottom teeth. Can you say SHARP? Ouch. Yes, Im still nursing. Double ouch. When hes mad, he bites me while nursing

Which brings me to the temper and tantrums. Yep, still throwing those dramatic tantrums, usually when I put him down and he wanted to be held. Or when I pull him away from something he shouldnt be doing. Did Emma throw tantrums like this when she was 9 months? I dont remember. perhaps I blocked it?

Hes in 12 month clothing now, or big 9 month clothing. Dont you love those footie pajamas in winter? I do. 🙂

His favorite toys and activities are throwing balls, banging on boxes, and playing with Emmas kitchen toys. He also loves his walker toy that a friend gave us (definitely recommended for kids who like to stand upright!). He walks around the house pushing that thing around all the time.

It might be because of teething, but he is NOT sleeping well right now. Its not fun. He doesnt go to sleep until 10:30 or 11 at night and then gets me up every 2 or 3 hours to nurse. He does nap pretty well during the day though so I might try cutting down on the naps and see if he sleeps better at night.

He hates hats they immediately come off. If I want to get a picture of him in a hat I have to be very fast. If I want him to wear a hat when were outside I have to distract him constantly or hold his arms so he wont take it off. Kids and hats!

He really loves baths.

He hates being dressed or undressed.

He follows his sister around all day and gets a kick out of pulling her hair. They wrestle and play tag for the most part, but are always together. And Emma is surprisingly good about having her hair pulled! She really loves him. 🙂

He still has a great sense of humor (in spite of the teething). He likes to tease me by turning and crawling speedily the other way when I call him, giggling the entire time. Its so cute!

I wonder what next month will bring? Walking? Right now he can walk while holding one of my hands still but hes not ready to do it on his own yet. I havent pushed him much, either hes already super fast crawling, and once he starts walking well, all that cute crawling will be gone. 🙂 So Im enjoying this stage right now.