Isaac @ 6 Months

I did it again, waited until hes almost 7 months to get a post up. I cant believe how quickly time is passing seriously, I dont know how its going by so fast!

At 6 months, Isaac is:

Crawling like a little Speed Racer
When he gets hurt he crawls to me and tries to climb up my legs, wanting to be comforted
Drinking out of a sippy cup

Eating flavored snack puffs for toddlers
Pulling himself up to stand and walking along the couch
Climbing on everything

He Loves:

To be cuddled
To be rocked to sleep at night
Mashed bananas, sweet potato, and rice cereal
Crawling and especially when someone holds his hands and helps him walk
Playing with his sister
Noisy electronic toys (much to my consternation)
Music and watching certain cartoons with his sister like Wonder Pets and Sesame Street
Pulling books off the shelf, stuff out of the drawers, and just generally getting into EVERYTHING

He Doesnt Love:

Being bit by his sister (yes, that did happen, though it was in play SIGH)
Being dressed or undressed
Being passed from person to person in public places

Yep, its been an eventful first six months! Weve actually hit a great point in his life. Now that hes mobile hes SO much happier than he used to be! He seriously cried and cried and cried the whole first 5 months for one reason or another. Im just now starting to come out of a stupor. I know that being mobile is making him happier and since he started eating solids hes been spitting up less and less all the time and feeling better. I know now things will just get better and better. 🙂

So those of my friends who have babies around the same age how is it going?

See you again @ 7 months!