Indoor Water Play – With Colored Water Even! :)

Summer may be over and the months of Autumn rain fully underway but we are undaunted! Yesterday I had a lightbulb moment after washing the dishes and having to fend both children off they kept pushing chairs up to the sink and trying to play in the water and bubbles. Well, I was in get er done mode so I didnt let them play around (plus there were sharp knives and glass things in the sink of course) but later when the kids were getting the blues over not being able to go outside and play I thought, Hey, why not let them play with water on the floor?

This is one of those moments that my husband usually thinks Im crazy for giving myself more to clean up but he was at work. 😉 Plus, he doesnt realize that Im cleaning stuff up anyway all day long and its completely worth it when I see the kids having so much fun!

So I laid a waterproof tablecloth on the floor, spread a couple towels on the floor in case a bowl of water spilled, and gave them some things to play with all out of the kitchen so it was cheap entertainment.

The kids were very focused while dumping, pouring, washing ponies, stirring, and squeezing water out of sponges.

I put a couple of drops of food coloring in the bowls of water just for kicks. I was a little nervous that it would dye their hands or the floor, but it didnt!

Yes, there was the inevitable water fight and they were both dripping afterwards, but the water stayed in the general area and since they had their swimsuits on cleanup was easy. Well be doing this again!