I’m Trying to See the Beauty in Rain…

Im so tired of rain. I live in a place where it rains ALL FALL AND WINTER. I can actually count on one hand the days that the sun has made an appearance.

I miss the sun so much.

Ive been wishing I lived in another place, one where it actually snowed instead of rained. Two days its snowed and stuck for a little while, then melted. Theres just so little you can do in rain but in snow you can play! You can still have nice days.

But oh yeah. Im trying to be positive here.

So I found some inspiring photos of rain to look at and Im thinking of the positives of living in a rainy state. One of those is that the grass is soooo green all year round!




Another thing I can invest in a good pair of stylish rain boots 😉

and an umbrella.

Maybe one of my problems is that its been too long since Ive done this


Did you know rain can be romantic? 🙂

Source (Proposal scene from Wives and Daughters)

I think Ive successfully made myself feel a little better about all the rain. Maybe I should go stand outside in it today. One thing I know, Emma loooooves puddles. And Ive yet to get a good photo of her playing in one! Shame on me. 🙂