I’m Thinking About Ordering a Sit ‘n Stand Stroller… Opinions?

Does anyone have experience with a Sit n Stand stroller? Im thinking about ordering one from Amazon. The one Im considering is the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Tag-a-Long Stroller. I love the idea of having a place for my 3-year-old to sit (or stand) when she gets tired of walking, and I do a lot of walking almost every day if I can possibly get myself (and two kids) ready and outside early in the morning.

Heres the Sit n Stand:

Ive also had my eye on the Joovy Caboose, which has a lot of excellent reviews. I think the green one is gorgeous. 🙂

My other option is a double jogging stroller. I LOVED my single jogging stroller when Emma was a baby. I love the way it rides so smoothly on all terrains, rough or smooth. My only concern is that Emma might be too big for it before I get enough use out of it.

Im also wondering how the Sit n Stand will do on rough terrain. Like grass. I wish I was able to try one before buying!

Do you have experience with either? I would love to hear what you think!