I’m Starting to Really Feel the Third Trimester…

The craziness of the holiday season (already???) and the onset of the third trimester of my pregnancy (and a VERY active ninja baby) has made me TIRED.


I didnt realize that the energy I had in the second trimester was going to be so short-lived I really feel like I lost track of time. This little baby is coming in somewhere around 8-10 weeks, I cant believe it. Where did all of the time I had to get things ready and organized go?

I want it back!

I think part of my tiredness is coming from not taking my prenatal vitamins often enough. But did I mention that I have pregnancy brain, too? Dont laugh. I am COMPLETELY serious this is a true condition of the brain of a woman who is carrying a child. Maybe because all of the nutrients and vitamins are going to the baby? All I know is that I have trouble focusing on anything and seem to be inexplicably drawn to either my computer chair or the couch to rest and recharge. Anyway, Ill take my vitamins today. I promise.

If I remember.

One bad thing about being overly tired (whether youre pregnant or not) is that you find yourself getting irritated at everything. For instance, this morning (already, and its not even noon yet):

  • Emma grabbed her dirty diaper while I was changing her, soiling her hand. Potty training time?
  • The soap dispenser ran out of soap.
  • I dont know what to make for lunch and Im too tired to make anything anyway.
  • Ive picked up the house this morning and its already messy again.
  • My body is achey and sore and I havent even done anything.

Im equally irritated by all of these things. Yikes! My brain knows nothing is a too big a deal but it still feels like a tough day. And Ive been napping every day but my body is feeling those aches and pains that accompany pregnancy and make sleep impossible at times.

So between heartburn, an achey body, and a kicking baby right when I lay down to sleep (whether it be at night or during naptime) Im having trouble sleeping, which has made me feel so worn out.

And I have dark circles under my eyes I cant get rid of.

So if you say Im glowing I totally know youre lying and just trying to make me feel better. lol

I know, I know I just have to make it another few weeks (but in a way it seems like too long to wait) and then Ill have my body back and a new baby to cuddle. 🙂 I cant wait to meet him!

By the way, I still get kicked enough that I feel like I must be having twins. Have doctors ever been surprised by extra babies, even after an ultrasound? Maybe one was hiding? lol It doesnt seem likely but OW!

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