I’m Pregnant With My Second!

I was going to wait to share this until my confirmation ultrasound on Friday, but honestly Im so nauseated and feeling very pregnant and starting to look pregnant there can be no doubt.

Wow, so many thoughts running through my head lately:

  • How will I take care of a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old (and stay sane?)?
  • I have so much to prepare for!
  • How will Emma feel about this little brother/sister?
  • If its a boy, I have to buy a lot of stuff. lol
  • I dont know anything about little boys! (Growing up, I had one sister)
  • I cant believe Im pregnant again and going to get HUGE!

I believe Im at 6 1/2 weeks now. I have been SO sick for the last two weeks I have barely been able to get anything done, and being on the computer has made me feel even worse. But I think Im starting to come out of it now and Im feeling a little bit better in the mornings. Nighttime I feel worse for some reason. It sure isnt morning sickness for me.

Anyway, thats my latest news! 🙂 Im excited! I really wanted Emma to have someone to play with and love, and now she will!

I get another little one of these!

Newborn Emma

Im shopping at