I’m Pondering Putting Both Kids in One Room (With Trepidation)

But Will It Work?

We live in a two-bedroom house and up until now Isaac has slept in his playard, either in the living room or my room. We collapse it and move it wherever it needs to be its been a pain, to say the least.

Now that Isaac is getting older (almost a year!), Im considering putting the kids in the same room. The reason that hasnt happened yet is that we were planning on moving into a bigger house, but thats still going to be a couple months off and Isaac is starting to give me a hard time at night because he knows hes in the same room with me. That little head pops up over the edge of his playard and he starts wailing at me at various times in the night its not fun! I know hes waking up just because he knows Im there.

So what Im thinking is that I can move the playard into Emmas room and have him sleep in there with her every night. Doable? Im hoping so. It sounds simple.

Im not concerned about getting them both to sleep at night at this point Emma goes to sleep by 8:30 p.m. at the latest, but Isaac is harder. He doesnt go to sleep for the night until 10:30 or 11 p.m, then I carry him to his bed half asleep.

What worries me is the nighttime waking(s). There usually is at least one, either early morning or 1 a.m. or both I dont know how Emma would respond but she hates to hear Isaac cry. I can just see myself trying to calm two screaming children that does not appeal to me, lol.

I would love to hear suggestions and/or experiences! Some moms say if you dont start co-rooming early itll be harder later, while others suggest waiting till the youngest is sleeping through the night. I really dont know what to do. When I think about trying it, I quickly put it out of my mind and think about something else. 😉