I’m LOVING My Laminator!

When I knew I was going to be doing preschool activities with my daughter at home I decided that a laminator would be a good investment. I wanted to make my own educational materials and games from all the free printables I discovered online (people are SO generous to share those!) and laminating them seems to be the best way to keep them in good shape despite the rough toddler handling they receive.

Plus I want to use them again with Isaac when hes old enough. What fun!

So I bought this Scotch Thermal Laminator and Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches and it has made laminating SO fast and easy! I love it!

Not only does it help keep our materials sturdy when printed out on cardstock, it also works well as a dry erase surface!

I bought those dry erase markers at the Dollar Store and they have a lid with a built-in eraser. They are the best things for homeschooling ever. 🙂 (I love the Dollar Store for supplies!)

The laminator is great for making your own photo gifts, too! I plan on printing out some photos on cardstock and making my dad a keychain with some pictures of us laminated on it (using a hole punch in the corner of the photos).

Does anyone else use or wish they had a laminator? I got mine for $35.00 on Amazon but its an even better price at $29.24 right now! It retails for $80 so its a GREAT deal. 🙂