I Survived Handpainting an Entire Precious Moments Nativity!

This was a total impulse buy. I was walking through Joann Fabrics with a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, and I saw this box:

I was ecstatic! Every year I look for a special nativity set but so far I just hadnt found one I liked. Precious Moments nativities are fun but verrry expensive usually, and I didnt want to pay over $30 for one. Right now anyway, while I have toddlers. So I grabbed the box and headed up to the checkstand. Then of course I get there and find out that this set isnt eligible for the 40% off because its already on sale. So I DID get it on sale but not as much off as I had anticipated it was $18. Still a great deal, considering paint and a paintbrush came with it. Though the paintbrush was not a great one, unfortunately. I had to buy nicer brushes.

I think, though, that it was worth it all! The time, the mistakes, the horror I felt when Emma brought me the shepherd all covered in crazy blues, purples, and pinks (so THATS why it was so quiet). 😉

He turned out alright though I fixed him sorta:

Aw, its gonna be a fun memory. 😉

I must have been pretty out of it when I painted Joseph (above) because I wasnt paying attention and thought he was a wise man with a gift. Whoops. Joseph, youre looking pretty colorful there

Okay, so its not perfect. But its ours and I like it.

Emma does, too, and I think thats the point. 🙂

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