I Did It! I made a Dress!

No, not for me. But maybe someday 🙂

Im really happy with it! There are a few minor things that Ill do different next time, but for a beginning dress well, Im just happy it fits and looks cute. 🙂 So how did I do it? I traced around the bodice of one of Emmas store-bought dresses and figured out how long and wide the skirt material of the dress was, then dived in! I followed a lot of the advice given in this tutorial on how to make a knot dress by Everday Chaos (I LOVE her for posting a tutorial!) but did a couple of things differently including not putting elastic on the back (something I wish I had done now because the dress would be able to be worn longer) and adding a button closure on the side. I conquered buttonholes on my machine, something I was terrified of! 🙂 Yes!

And you know what? After finishing the dress (it took me about 5 hours with many child interruptions) I cant wait to make another one! I thought Id be traumatized or something after all that work, but I wasnt! (Haha!)

So this is the dress (shown as a top in the picture above) Im going to be working on next. It looks even easier since its comprised entirely of squares and rectangles of fabric. Ill let you know how it turns out!

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