How to: Make Your Own Baby Rice Cereal

So Ive been giving my daughter boxed (processed) rice cereal from the baby aisle since she first started wanting solids (about four months old).
Why, you ask? I had my reasons good reasons, too!

Its easy!
Its fast!
She seems to like it
Did I mention its EASY? 😉

My mom mentioned to me a couple of times that I should make my own baby food, but I dismissed it with a wave of my weary hand Im a work-at-home mom with a toddler. Like I need cooking to take up more time. And anyway, lots of moms give their kids store-bought rice cereal, right? It has special vitamins just for babies right?

Too lazy to make cereal for little ol me?

I started thinking it may be worth taking the time to make it myself when I read in the news that a rocket fuel chemical was being found in various baby formulas are you kidding me? Hello! Im TRUSTING people with my precious baby here. How dare they let something like that get through! Ugh.

ANYWAY, this spurred me to find out how to make it myself.

And you know what?

It was EASY! Maybe not as easy as adding milk or water to the mix and stirring, but come on. Would we want to eat something that could be made like that? No, we want real food! So the least I can do is make something extra good, extra nutritious for my daughter. For just an extra five minutes of my time literally!

And now, without further ado (grin), heres my photo recipe:

Ingredients Needed:

Rice (Basmati, Brown, etc)

Optional Add-ins:

Cooked Apples
The possibilities are endless!


FIRST, find a way to grind the rice to a powder. I used our electric coffee grinder the first time. Later I purchased a Magic Bullet which I HIGHLY recommend it can grind all of your food into baby food later on! 🙂

Boil one cup water in pan.
(Easy enough)
(If youre making brown rice cereal you might need to add more water)

Add one-quarter (1/4) cup of ground rice powder.
(Oh my weary hands, having to grind all that rice! Oh wait, we have electric grinders nowadays)

Stir over medium heat. Watch it almost boil over and turn the heat down. 😉
Suddenly remember youre supposed to use a whisk and switch from spoon to whisk.
See the texture thickening? It only takes a few minutes of stirring!
Serve warm or cool!
You can add a bit of sugar or fruit to sweeten it, too.
Watch baby eat with relish!
Great Resource! Baby cereal recipes, ideas, and FAQ at Wholesome Baby Food.

You can also do the same thing with ground oatmeal and ground barley.

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