How to Make Your Own Initial or Number Applique Pattern With Microsoft Word

There are different things you can do when looking to make your own initial or number applique to iron onto a t-shirt. You can find free number or letter patterns online, but its a pain to find them and then youre stuck with whatever font that person liked. You can also make your own. Im going to show you how to do that today.

First, go into Microsoft Word (Im using 2007 but you should be able to find what you need in any version). Type in a number or letter, enlarge it, and play around with the fonts until you get the look you want. For this example, I used Arial Rounded MT Bold. If your fonts are boring, you can also easily download new ones for free here! Its fun, but addicting looking through all of the cool fonts. Beware. 🙂

Note: You could print it out like this but it would use up a lot of ink.

Next, highlight your number, right click, and click font.

This box will pop up. Check Outline. Click OK.

Now your number is outlined and you can print it out!

Then trace it onto your fusible interfacing (I use Wonder Under) and cut it out.

To see exactly how to make your applique step by step, see my tutorial on how to make an applique tee or onesie.

Heres an example of how it looks after its been traced onto the Wonder Under.

Dont forget to trace your number or letter backwards onto the smooth side so that when its ironed on and all cut out the right side of your fabric is facing forward. Dont worry, though sometimes you just mess up. Ive done it a few times and had to re-trace my number.

Here are a bunch of appliques I made at once. 🙂 The regular tie pattern came from here. And theres the 3!

And here it is after I ironed it on and stitched around it. 🙂

Hope this inspires you to make your own applique t-shirts and onesies! Its very easy!

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