How to Make a Rag Wreath (Christmas Craft!)

Last Autumn I made a tulle wreath and had SO much fun with it, I knew Id have to make another wreath this year. I never did get to a tulle Christmas wreath and when I saw that our Dollar Store had wreath-making supplies (for $1.00! ;o) I knew I had to make one. I have plenty of tulle and fabric, so I didnt buy any other supplies there, but I did buy two little paper mache owls that I LOVE.

Are you ready for a tutorial?

Lets Get Started!

Youll need

– Sewing scissors
– Fabric scraps (if you dont have any, fat quarters would be great)
– Wreath form (or wire, or an embroidery hoop, or anything that forms a circle like that)
– Hot glue gun (for your embellishments)

1. Take a square of fabric and make snips along one side about 1 1/2 inches apart. Then rip the fabric into strips. The length will depend on how much border you want.

(Little ones love to help with the ripping. I mean LOVE. Emma was really getting into all this legal destruction.)

2. Start tying the strips onto the wreath form. This can be tedious but if you turn on an audio book or a good movie youll be done in no time!

You can also use more fabric and cover the wreath form completely with the rag ends, but I like the fabric strip look. 🙂 I also had considered winding one long, wide strip of fabric around the whole wreath so that it was completely covered in one fabric (with no rag ends), but this won out this time. I might do that next time, though.

3. After the entire wreath was covered, I glued the owl to the wreath with a hot glue gun and made a few fabric flower rosettes (heres a video tutorial if you arent sure how to make them) as well.

Ta da! Finished. 🙂

This is such a great scrap-buster project. 🙂 If anyone decides to make one, Id love to see it!

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