How to Have Meaningful Morning Family Togetherness (and Healthy Breakfasts!)

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to make family time in the mornings more meaningful and focused? My husband and I both wake up with to-do lists seared into our brains, and our mornings can easily become a mad dash with everyone talking, cleaning, cooking, getting ready.

To me, a great morning as a family consists of a healthy breakfast (even if its just granola and a glass of orange juice), coffee for the hubby and me, and conversation around the table. And believe me, conversation can be difficult when the young people are 3 and 4 months old. 😉

So whats a good way to keep morning time family time? I try to make mornings TV-free time that right there helps a lot! If there is time, card games or other short games can be fun. I also like quick breakfasts so Im not spending the entire time in the kitchen.

You wouldnt believe how helpful having a decent breakfast put together is when it comes to getting people sitting around the table and focused on each other! And I feel good about starting my familys morning off right with a healthy breakfast.

Whats your favorite quick and healthy breakfast? Mine is a scrambled egg wrap, basically a tortilla wrapped around scrambled eggs, cheese, and salsa. My husband appreciates a meat like sausage or bacon as well. Another yummy breakfast for us is a veggie quiche baked egg, cheese, spinach, broccoli, and sausage in a pie shell. Thats actually my favorite. According to nutritionist Elizabeth Ward, those people that eat breakfast tend to have more energy throughout the day and manage their weight better too. Thats incentive enough for me to make sure Im feeding my family a simple breakfast in the mornings.

We like to drink OJ with our breakfast because it gives us a morning energy boost and is good for us. I sometimes even blend it with ice on warm mornings. Just note that when choosing your juice, stay away from wording like cocktail, beverage, drink, or -ade on the carton. Youre looking for 100% Juice which typically doesnt have added sugars.

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