How to Get Toddlers to Wear Their Sun Hats?

Is it really possible to get toddlers to wear their sun hats? Well apparently it is because Ive seen kids wearing their hats everywhere. But my child? My precocious little one-year-old? Nothing doing. Yesterday we headed to the park I must admit that I have not bought any baby sunscreen yet. I do, however, have a sun hat. Its a bit big for her but it does the job. Or I should say it would do the job if she would wear it! This is how it went at the park:

I put hat on.
She takes hat off. Tramples it.
I put hat back on.
She flings it off in disgust.
I put hat back on.
She flings it off, throws it to to the grass in an impatient gesture.
I put hat back on.
She takes it off.
Times this by about 10 more times.

I thought I could wear her out on the issue but she ended up winning. I finally decided that I wasnt going to spend my entire time at the park playing that little game and let her have her way. Bad? Is it actually possible to make your baby wear a hat? Short of gluing it to her head, I dont know what else I could have done (and then there would have been screams of frustration). Its not like I can reason with her.

The good thing? Im going to be reviewing a Baby Banz hat and sunglasses soon. We shall see how it goes. Oh please please please just keep it on long enough for me to get a photo!

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What do you do in this situation? I guess I should just give in and buy baby sunscreen. 🙂 But still, she doesnt have much hair and Im afraid shell burn on top of her head. So advice, anyone?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂