How I Find Time to Blog, Potty Training, and Pacifier Talk

SleepyWrap. Need I say more? 🙂

Actually, its not only finding the time to blog thats the issue, its being able to put more than two thoughts together so I sound like a semi-intelligent human being. Its hard! Im looking forward to being able to do it while the kids are napping right now Im so tired I nap at the same time so not much quiet time until about 10 or 11 p.m.

Emma is still pacifier-free and since that first no-more-pacifiers night things have gone smoothly. Shes asked for a pacifier a couple of times in the last week but there was no whining or crying once I reminded her it broke and we had to throw it away. Im starting to feel that waiting on their time is good. Mommies can usually tell when its a good time just dont do what we did and buy more pacifiers in a weak moment! 🙂

Were moving very VERY close to potty training now. Emma immediately takes her own diaper off after going in it, whether poo or pee, something that has made diaper time much more interesting than it has ever been and not so much fun for me. Shes proud of herself, though, and Im hoping were closer. Shes still never gone in the potty and Im not sure yet how to get her to that point. She doesnt mind sitting on it so I just keep reminding her to sit on it often throughout the day and hopefully shell go and I can reward her. She doesnt seem to get it quite yet since she pops up and cries gaily, All DONE! then moves on to another activity.

Any advice on that would be awesome!