How Does A Garden Grow…

if your child is helping to plant it? 😉

Suuuuch a beautiful weekend it was, and I got to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and dig in the dirt with Emma. I decided it was the perfect time to plant some wildflower seeds I bought from the Target dollar section just for fun. Im not experienced when it comes to gardening at all but I would like to have some pretty flowering things around this summer. First we found some dirt and filled my pretty container

Then I let Emma fill her new watering turtle can with water and water the flowers

And this is when I completely gave up trying to grow something and let her play with the mud.

She enjoyed it SO much, and was so serious about it! Im never that serious, I dont know where she gets it Okay maybe Im a little intense about some stuff. 🙂 But Im learning to lighten up. lol

After she was done playing I added some dry dirt again in the hopes that something might still come of the wildflower seed we planted. Do you think it will?