How Did I Ever Survive Without My Flat Iron?

I believe flat irons are the only thing that can save those of us with frizzy hair. I grew up with unruly hair that couldnt decide whether to be straight or wavy, and I remember suffering acutely, feeling that my hair didnt look good but unable to do a thing about it! I hadnt considered putting a flat iron to my hair, but I sincerely wish I had! I think it could have saved me some of my teen grief.

When I was 21, right after I got married, I went on a camping trip with a best friend and she introduced me to the magic of the flat iron. I watched her use that iron and go from wavy to straight and shiny in minutes! We were at the coast and her hair looked great in all of the photos we took, even in the extreme wind. I decided then and there that I needed a flat iron of my own, and soon.

The first one I bought I loved, and enjoyed having straight, tamed-down hair immensely. It may be a hassle for some people, but it totally takes the hassle out of the hair styling for me! I actually spend a lot less time on my hair this way. The cool thing is that many of the best flat irons give you the ability to create body and even curl your bangs with their curved edges. One of my favorites, and the one I own now, is the Karmin G3 Pro. I love it!

Are you someone who loves your flat iron? If not, have you considered trying one?

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