{2011 Holiday Gift Guide} Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Review

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks from Mattel!

These Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are super popular right now, and are at the top of many boys Christmas lists. Okay, Im sure a few girls want them, too (I know I did as a kid!). These playsets appeal greatly to parents who doesnt like the idea of having an entire set of tracks going up and down the wall, saving space and sparing the entire family the pain of stepping on (and breaking) race car tracks? Its such a great idea!

Thanks to Mattel, we were able to try out the Starter Set! So heres what the Starter Set looks like before everything has been put together:

This looks intimidating, but the instructions are very clear in fact, my 13-year-old niece put the entire thing up by herself for us and it looked awesome! Well, there were a few things I had to change (after this picture was taken), but overall it was easy to put up and follow the instructions.

I was so surprised at how much my 3-year-old daughter enjoyed this. It was an immediate hit and I literally did not see her for hours after we put this up. I kept hearing myself say, Wheres Emma? and then Id hear the telltale noise of cars whizzing down the tracks and crashing. I really wanted to go out and get some of the extensions to the tracks when I saw how much she liked it!

Pros & Cons: I had read some complaints about tracks falling off the walls or being uneven so that the cars stop, but we havent had any trouble like that whatsoever. The tracks stick to the wall with 3M Command Sticky Strips and so they dont hurt the wall at all but are super sticky, plenty sticky to keep everything secure. My 3-year-olds ability to play independently for long periods of time are a testament to how sturdy the set is. If anything does come loose its easily adjusted by the kids.

I think the price range of the sets are a definite pro you can buy the starter set (around $30) and add on to it with specialty stunt tracks as you go, or you can buy the full set, Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Complete World, for $99 from Mattel.

Heres a quick video demo:

So does this toy set have our recommendation? YES!

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are recommended for kids age 4-8. Its going to depend on your childs love of Hot Wheels, for sure my 3-year-old loved it and I know kids older than 8 play with Hot Wheels. So its up to you. 🙂

You can find Hot Wheels Wall Tracks both in-store and online at places like Amazon.com, Mattel.com, Toys R Us, Walmart, KMart, and Target.

Disclosure: We received a set of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks thanks to Mattel so we could share our thoughts on them with you! The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.