Holidays and Fitness? Um… (Yummy recipe, too!)

Its been awhile sinceIve participated in Fitness Friday, but I miss it! And I miss the wonderful Wii Mommies, too. They were my inspiration way back when I first bought Wii Fit (and then my beloved EA Sports Active) and discovered how FUN getting fit using the Wii could be. They are a wonderfulonline fitness community to be a part of, too! They now have a Ning Community you can be a part of I highly recommend checking it out. You dont have to be a mommy, either. Anyone who wants to get fit using the Wii can join. 🙂 They also have awesome contests and competitions all the time that are SO much fun! Definitely worth joining.

What Ive been up to

Well, now is kind of the wrong time to be telling you about my fitness regime because at the moment I have pretty much NO motivation to work out.

I dont even want to walk over to the Wii and put the EA Sports Active disc in. Pathetic.

Part of this is holiday stress, I think. I didnt mean to let myself get overwhelmed, but it just happened. Im planning on starting all over again in January a fresh start is just what I need.

Fitness-wise well, its showing that I havent been working out. Its annoying me. lol So after Christmas, I am getting back in the swing of things. Right now Im just working on keeping my intake of sugar down to the minimum (who put those chocolates by my computer? Shame shame shame!) and working on eating healthy.

Speaking of which!

Heres a yummy healthy recipe for you

I know what youre thinking HOW did I make such a delicious healthy meal???

Im glad you asked. 😉

I quickly chopped broccoli, leeks, and carrots (I would have added fresh mushrooms if I had had them), added some small pieces of raw steak, and stir fried everything in teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Just keep stirring periodically until the meat is done the vegetables should still be crunchy (its good for you and tastes so good!).

I added a little bit of water to help steam the veggies, and you can use any kind of meat or no meat. Mushrooms are a great meat substitute, did you know that? Theyre really good and filling.

I served this over rice, but you can also add rice noodles to the pan or Ive used spaghetti noodles before. If youre really desperate and you happen to have ramen noodles on hand, you can use those boil them for 3 minutes only, then throw them in the pan and fry with your veggies and meat!

Yummy and healthy!

And thats my fitness-related contribution today. 😉 You guys had better bug me to keep this up. Because I need the Wii Mommies to keep me accountable!

How are YOU doing during the holidays? Got any fitness-related plans for the new year?

Note: Nobody paid me for any part of this post just love the Wii mommies and all of my fitness Wii games!