Here’s What’s Happening in Our Neck of the Woods…

Its been awhile since I shared what weve been up to around here, mainly because this summer has just been jammed packed with busyness! Now that September is here Im hoping things will slow down. 🙂

I know, good luck with that with a 4-year-old and a 20-month-old in the house right?

Well, first on the list I got a new camera! And its a BIG deal for me because its a DSLR, my first! Im still so tickled pink to have it. Ive always loved photography and did my best with my last camera, but was so frustrated with the quality of the photos I would get that I wanted to cry after taking pictures some days. That moment when flipping through the photos I just uploaded on the screen and saw so many potentially nice shots that ended up blurry just filled me with disappointment. And that camera wasnt cheap, either. Im thinking there was something wrong with it because I should have been getting better pictures.

ANYWAY. 😉 So my new beautiful DSLR is giving me pictures like THESE:

Im still learning how to use it but Im really pleased so far!

Kiddo Updates:

Isaac is talking really well now, he echoes new words every day and isnt shy about telling us what he wants (unlike Emma, who didnt start really talking till she was 3). He does still prefer to nod or shake his head when asked a question, which I think is pretty darn cute and Im going to miss when he stops. One of his favorite games is putting a blanket on his head and spinning around and around, then trying to attack someone. Giggles galore! I love to hear happy little ones. He does everything his big sister does and they play together constantly, especially wrestling and running around together. Less play together with toys though they do that occasionally. Sibling rivalry has really started coming into the picture and despite their obvious adoration for each other they get into squabbles every day over one thing or another. I guess thats normal, I remember loving my sister to pieces when we were kids but nobody could push my buttons like she could, either. Thats the way with love and family!

Emma started preschool and cant wait to do it every day. Ill go more into detail on what were doing specifically later. Shes still very artistic and would paint every day if I let her. She has a little tin pencil box full of colored pencils, markers, and crayons that she pulls out every day, though. She also absolutely loves to build things. Shell play with her Legos, blocks, and Zoob set for hours, and will even use crayons, cardboard, anything she can get her hands on to create with. Right now shes building a little house on the prairie with crayons (weve been watching the TV show so its on her mind).

Im trying to enjoy every moment it seems like time is FLYING by lately. I cant believe its getting close to October already!

Whats been happening in your neck of the woods? 🙂