Healthy Eating Habits For Kids (Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program)

Hey, all! Guess what? Ive joined moms all over the blogosphere in the Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program, a program devoted to promoting healthy eating in our children! What does this mean to you? Over the next five weeks, Ill be sharing my experiences and tips on teaching our kids to eat more healthy, and Ill be hoping for tips from you as well! When moms get together and start sharing ideas, we are unstoppable!

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Eating Right My Experiences:

As a mom, I find myself facing overwhelming challenges when it comes to providing my family with healthy meals and snacks. Probably more than some because I dont have a talent for planning meals and even my husband makes a face if he thinks something is healthy. But I know how important it is for little ones to have a balanced diet when theyre growing and putting out so much effort and energy toward learning, so I persevere in keeping good foods in the house and on the table.

My Personal Challenges:

  • Im a working mom, and that means less time for planning. When I dont plan, I have to think fast. When I think fast, I dont usually think smart.
  • My daughter is 15 months old and doesnt have any back teeth yet. That makes mealtimes a bit more complicated I cant just throw a bowl of raw veggies and dip on the table, I have to steam or boil them first. Its a time issue again.
  • Its hard for me to be creative when it comes to eating right. I know that kids want fun, so I plan on making a book of ideas to reference when my daughter is older. Right now she doesnt really care what it looks like, but I know later she will.

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Tasty Tip:

Teaching your kids to use their imagination when eating something they dont love can make mealtime more fun! When I was a kid, I used to pretend that my broccoli was a forest of trees and I was a dinosaur eating the leaves, then the trees themselves. I think this was around the time I watched The Land Before Time that was my inspiration. lol

Share Your Tasty Tips!

How do you get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables?

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