Happy First Birthday to Isaac!

My little guy is 1 year old today. It has been quite the journey getting to the big ONE.

I wondered if I would survive his babyhood. He was not an easy baby! In part, that might be because he wanted to be held constantly.

It was tiring, but also well, hes a cuddle-bug! How can I not love that? He can be rocked to sleep, he loves to nestle his little head into my neck. He loves his family. Hes such a fun little guy, he makes me laugh every day! He loves to tease and be teased. Lately he has this silly furtive expression he looks down at the ground then peers up at me through his lashes and smiles slowly until hes grinning at me. Its so silly and so heartbreakingly CUTE!

Heres a peek at his birthday party:

We kept it small, just a short little family time. The kids had a blast, though that cake (which I actually bought for only $5 with a coupon at Fred Meyer, yes!) was really the center of it all. Emma could think of nothing else until we dug into it, and then the kids really really enjoyed it. Isaac was kind of unsure until he got a couple bites (and Emma helped him along, putting his hand to his mouth to show him how good it tasted), then that slow smile spread until he was giggling in delight. That one picture of Emma with frosting on her face happened just after she got clobbered by Isaac. She leaned in close telling him, Isaac, youre a funny b – and I heard her get cut off and freeze, her face frostingified. Funny children. 🙂

I didnt go crazy on gifts for him, hes still so young and hardly plays with his many many toys, lol. But he found these two containers of my husbands hair styling goop and had so much fun with them! Later he laughed while he dragged a jump rope around the house. Well save toy-buying for next year. lol

You know what was fun? Comparing this party to Emmas first birthday. 🙂