Happy First Birthday, Little One!

Today is Emmas first birthday. I cant believe it. Its been quite a journey, thats for sure. A wonderful, emotional, joy-filled rollercoaster. Ive been scared to death (whoever made up the term died a thousand deaths had children). Ive felt that I was going crazy from lack of sleep. Ive spent countless hours blogging the journey and hounding Google, looking for information that would make raising this demanding little baby easier. Ha! If anything it almost complicates it. Mom blogs saved me hearing it from another moms mouth, that Im normal, was the best medicine. Its all been worth it!

Two years ago, before Emma, I had a quiet life with my husband and a clean house. Okay, Ive never kept a perfectly clean house (clean but not always uncluttered), but in comparison it was clean. Now there are cheddar cheese goldfish on the kitchen floor. Toys in the living room. A crib in the nursery slash computer room. Everywhere you look you see evidence of a baby living here, and I LOVE IT. I dont know how I lived such a boring life before Emma was born! 😉

So for those of you who werent here following Emmas journey from newborn to one-year-old:

Emma was born with her daddys red hair and had blue eyes from well, we dont really know where, but my grandma has blue eyes. 🙂 But nobody in the family has blue eyes and red hair! Her eyes are changing somewhat but theyre still blue without a doubt.

On the day she was born or rather night since my water broke at about 10 p.m. right after I got into bed we had to drive one hour to get to the hospital. I worried the entire time, contractions steady, that I would go into labor en route. Thank you, Lord, I didnt! We made it there and it actually took me at least 10 more hours before Emma was born.

I had plans. So many plans. I brought one of those birthing balls to bounce on because I had heard it helped with the contractions. I planned to sit in the big jacuzzi tub they had. I didnt want pain meds right away, I wanted to see how it went. But as soon as I got there and sat on the bed, I knew there would be no way I could sit through those contractions for hours and hours. I thankfully accepted an epidural, and felt no guilt. lol

Emma was born and the adventure began!

And now now shes one year old.

We celebrated her birthday party last Saturday it was a blast! Another wonderful thing about having kids is the magic on holidays and birthdays is back. 🙂

And now I know youre dying to see some photos so without further ado

The Birthday Girl!

I couldnt resist these faery wings found at a party store so cute and only $5!

Cupcake time! Eating in front of the birthday girl how rude!

Time to open presents! Aunt Kristy made this lovely monkey taggie blanket for Emma isnt it the cutest thing ever? If you want one of your own, check out her Etsy shop!

My mom made Emma this crocheted dolly which fits in its own little crocheted purse!

Okay, NOW its cupcake time!

This was her expression while everyone was singing happy birthday to her it was SO funny! She was totally embarrassed!

Then she proceeded to eat her cupcake like a little lady she ignored the cake part entirely and took licks of frosting from her fingers.

Then daddy blew bubbles for her.

First balloons, first bubbles, first cupcakes, first birthday. It was a wonderfully fun day.

Sorry this post was so pic-heavy! I love photos, though. I cant help it. 🙂 And this is a special occassion I wanted to share with you all!

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