Gypsy Soule Mexican Flower Cuff Review

Today I want to introduce you to Gypsy Soule, an online boutique dedicated to providing accessories and jewelry that will help you bring out your inner chic cowgirl! I really enjoy browsing their selection of blinged-out boots and flip-flops, and their jewelry is seriously good-looking. You do not have to be a cowgirl to appreciate their style, thats for sure!

About Gypsy Soule:

Products for women, designed by women. All products are created by hand using the best materials possible and adorned with natural and authentic products. Their flip-flops and boots are designed with swarovski crystals and made of high-quality leather.

Review and Thoughts:

Gypsy Soule sent me this gorgeous Mexican Flower Cuff to review!
This etched cuff is so my style not too girly but totally sophisticated. And it truly makes a fashion statement. I can wear it with pretty much anything and know that it fits in with and improves an outfit, which is very nice (and rare, for me). Theres something about placing it on your wrist that makes you feel that youve completed your look and youre ready. I dont know if that makes sense to you or not. I think its the fact that I feel pretty in it. Do you have a piece of jewelry that gives you an extra boost of confidence? It may sound strange, but its true. 😉
Though it looks wide and possibly uncomfortable to wear, it isnt! And Im a picky person, so thats saying something. I think its the perfect accessory.

Buy it!

The Mexican Flower Cuff retails for $58.00 at Gypsy Soule. Be sure to check out their other jewelry, too!

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