Guest Review: Cotton Babies bumGenius Bamboo Cloth Diaper and Wipes

This is a guest review by Erin of Connected2Christ
Over this year, Ive discovered so many wonderful benefits of bamboo such as 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and it also grows super fast making it a renewable resource! Bamboo is also extremely soft, absorbent and very breathable so its great for keeping your baby cool, dry and comfortable especially when its hot out.
I was given the opportunity by Cotton Babies to review a bumGenius DELUXE Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper as well as a couple of the bumGenius bamboo wipes.
The wipes, though made from Bamboo, I found not as soft and as absorbent as the flannel ones Ive used. I would possibly use these for other things but not on my daughters sensitive bottom. Note that I was recommended to try fabric softener but have not been able to as of yet since I normally dont usually use it as its built into my laundry detergent. See more reviews of these wipes at Cotton Babies!
I found the diaper super soft to the touch and Im sure my daughter really enjoys wearing it. The things I like about this diaper are as follows:

* Its naturally stretchy making it the perfect fit for your growing baby
* Its available in sizes extra small ( 6-12lbs) to Large (20-30lbs)
*They are super absorbent, weve had no leaks at all!
* Velcro closure, great for children learning to potty train!
* Not as bulky as other cloth diapers my daughter has worn!

A few issues Ive had with the diaper

* Because they are super absorbent, Ive had to run these in the dry cycle 3-4 times

*These run a little small, so I would recommend getting the next size up

* Velcro closures not good for babies that tend to take off their diapers, I would recommend using a diaper cover!

Im still on the search for the perfect cloth diapers and supplies. I hope my review will benefit someone in someway as I know lots of other people are also on this search. See more reviews of the bumGenius bamboo diapers at Cotton Babies!
These diapers and wipes retail for 12.95 each at Cotton Babies. Why not check out their site to see all the other products they have to offer?

Erin, when shes not chasing her sweet little girl Melody around the house, blogs over at Connected2Christ. Go check her blog out! She has some great giveaways, reviews, and is a wonderful person to get to know. 🙂

All items reviewed were sent for free by the company or manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.

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