Guessing Physicians, Cute Bassinets, Waiting, & Other Random Thoughts

Three days till my due date and Im already saying Nope, didnt have the baby yet at the beginning of every conversation with people who dont see me on a daily basis, whether it be online, on the phone, or in person. I forgot about that part of the end of pregnancy. Not only is it hard for ME to wait, but apparently everyone else looks at you as a ticking time bomb as well. 😉

Since my appointment two weeks ago when my doctor told me she thought I might go into labor before a week was out, Ive decided physicians should be held responsible for getting their patients hopes up. Its just not right! I should sue for the week-long breathless excitement that turned slowly into bitter resentment. (Ha, just kidding)

For my own sanity, Ive been TRYING to ignore the fact that Im getting closer and closer. Its hard when youre so excited to see your baby, your house is full of reminders like swings that need to be put together, postpartum products sitting out ready to be used when you get home, a freezer full of easy meals for after baby, a baby car seat ready to go in your car, and bags packed for every member of your family in preparation for the big day. Its also hard because I keep having really intense contractions that start up and then slack off into nothing at different times of the day. Oh, no contractions that I cant talk and walk through as of yet, but theyre intense enough that I have to slow down and force myself to breathe deeply to get through. I feel so close!

Our couch is, unfortunately, the type that sucks you in and never wants to let go. Do you know how hard this is to combat when youre as unbalanced as I am? Its comical watching me get off of it, I have no doubt. I usually end up having to roll off stomach first onto all fours, then stand up. We really need to do something about that

Emma has been playing almost nonstop with her little VTech laptop I love that shes finally reaching an age where shes able to entertain herself! Its been too hard for me to get down on the floor with her whenever she wants to play and she has to rely on daddy for roughhousing now because my stomach inevitably gets kicked (ow). I LOVE this laptop because it lets her practice her letters and numbers and is so easy to navigate that she can do it herself. Shes even taught herself some of the games on it without my help just through repetition! If youre in the market for a little laptop like this I highly recommend it. She gets hours of entertainment out of it every day. Isnt it wonderful when your child loves to learn? 🙂 Heres a link to buy it on if youre interested. Actually that one is a little bit different but Im not seeing the exact one I have there its called a VTech Tote and Go Laptop but it must be one of the older versions and its out of stock.

My parents have been amazing when it comes to helping with some of the gear and things I need for Isaac. When I realized with deep disappointment that the super nice playard with bassinet that I have would be too big to put by my bed (curse tiny bedrooms!) and maneuver around right after the baby came home, she helped me find a bassinet and bought it for me. I decided on this one from Walmart:

Its plastic framing but it rocks and has wheels itll be perfect for the short-term which is all I need it for since I dont intend on having Isaac in my room with me forever. Just long enough for us to get rested up and in a routine, and I really want him to be close by at first to simplify nursing and so I can get some sleep and not worry about him the way I did with Emma (who had her own room from the get-go). Were going to put that together this weekend and get it set up. 🙂

I could probably go on and on, I have had a lot of random thoughts lately. But Ill spare you. 😉 And save something for later in case I need to share more randomness and complain about the fact that I havent given birth yet. Thanks for bearing with me everyone, youve been awesome and so encouraging! I have the best readers ever. 🙂

(Im going to have to change that signature soon!)