Growing Snap Peas With Preschoolers :)

I really didnt know if this was going to work out this is really my first time gardening in any capacity! At least by myself I might have helped my mom with her vegetable garden when I was a teen but I dont remember much so I dont think I was a very big part of it. I really wanted to do this with Emma though and my mom kept encouraging me to get some pots and JUST DO IT. So finally I did!

Okay, she helped out remember what Emma got for her birthday from her grandparents? Pots and seeds! lol

Theres a way to get things moving. What am I supposed to say to Emma? No we cant use your new birthday presents? haha

So anyway, we started out small. We planted snap peas and tomatoes. I told Emma the importance of watering her plants every day that it doesnt rain and she did it faithfully.

Its fascinating watching the many stages of growth! I love the climbing tendrils and watching the pea pods burst out of the little white flowers.

Emma has been SO patient, Im surprised she hasnt been plucking peas left and right, especially after I let her taste one. Delicious! But I told her if we wait a little longer the peas will get very big! So shes content to wait

Here she is pretending to eat one, lol.

We are SOOOOO close! 🙂