{2011 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway} GourmetGiftBaskets.com Christmas Gift Basket

The Classic Christmas Gift Basket by Gourmet Gift Baskets!

Gourmet. Yummy. Snacks. Need I say more? 😉

Okay, yes I need to say more. Not only are the foods in each of these gift baskets some of the finest (and most delicious) snacks youll find, most of them are made without preservatives and are all-natural. GourmetGiftBaskets.com really knows how to provide great-tasting snacks that will please even the pickiest eaters!

Thanks to Gourmet Gift Baskets, we were able to try their Classic Christmas Gift Basket:

A box arrives with the Gourmet Gift Baskets logo all over it, and a card that you can personalize with a message on top in plastic. The basket is well-padded with bubble wrap inside, and the gift basket presentation is gorgeous! Then the snacks inside well, both my daughter and I immediately tried one two a few of everything and it is all really really yummy! Our favorites, though, were the chocolate cherries delicious! Im going to have to find more of those because they were the best. And I didnt think I liked chocolate cherries I think its because they werent juicy and runny, the cherries were dried, surrounded by milk chocolate, and with a cherry coating. YUM. The dark chocolate is another favorite, and the buttered peanut crunch. Okay, I may as well stop because it was all really really good, definitely better than your regular go-to snack food this is definite indulgence!

Another thing I really liked is that the basket that the food came in is a keeper! I collect baskets like these and will be using it after the basket is empty to hold my yarn or magazines, I havent decided which yet. Its a beautiful basket!

I would love to send a gift basket like the Christmas Gift Basket to one of my loved ones, and I would definitely expect them to enjoy it as much as I did!

What Else Will You Find at GourmetGiftBaskets.com?

Good question! They have an impressive selection of gift baskets for the snack-lover, chocolate-lover, bakery-lover, coffee-lover, candy-lover, seafood-lover, and MUCH more! You can search by category, price, recipient, and occasion. There is something for everyone!

If youre watching your pocketbook, check out their gift baskets under $25.00!

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Disclosure: I was provided with the gift basket reviewed above at no cost in order to share my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are 100% mine.