God’s Girl

Its been four and a half months since my little sweet pea was born. Im reveling in this new feeling, in this entire experience of being a mommy. Its new, its exciting, its exhausting, its wonderful. I love it.

What do I love about it?

The sleepy smile on her face in the early morning hours when I lift her out of her crib into my arms.

Her baby smell, especially just after her bath when she smells of Burts Bees baby wash.

Being able to make her giggle and smile and laugh.

Knowing that I can soothe her cries by feeding, changing, or holding her.

Reading her her first book, and seeing her touch each picture and talk to it.

Watching her peaceful sleeping.

Bouncing her in her bouncer with my foot while attempting to catch up on my computer/blogging time.

Holding her in my lap while I type because theres no place shed rather be.

Watching each new development, each time she learns something or discovers something new.

Putting her to bed and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Knowing that this is a little person, someone loved by God my baby is Gods girl, just like I am.

My life will never be the same, and Im so glad.

I thank God for bringing her into our lives and making us a family, giving me something to compare His love for me to. If this is how God loves me, and feels about me, Im in awe. Because I dont ever want Emma to feel pain. I want to protect her, I want good for her. And I know that Ill have to let go someday. But for now, Im her protection and the one she looks up to for everything. In the same way that I look to God.