Gleeful Babies and My Good-looking Guitarist

The weather is getting colder!
Wait, now its hot again.
Brrr, cold again!

Three-day weekend coming up YES!

Were gonna need the rest, its been a busy month. John especially is gonna need the time off hes now actively (muy actively) involved in our churchs worship. I innocently (yes it WAS innocently *batting eyelashes*) mentioned to the pastor that John played guitar and now hes playing and singing this coming Sunday. There are eight songs hes going to play well, six or eight. I cant remember. Its a huge amount of work singing and playing, though. Im still in shock at the amount of work hes done all this on top of college and working full-time and being a new daddy! Im suitably impressed. lol But hes already gone to practice twice this week and hes printed out all the songs he knows and written down the chords along with practicing at home. And on Sunday were supposed to be at the church at 8:30 a.m. Church starts at 10 a.m. Yeah, wow. John is a little nervous, but glad to be able to help by doing one of the things he loves most playing guitar. Im not nervous, I know hell be great. His music sounds wonderful, though he tells me Im biased. 🙂

Ill be the one in the front row batting my eyelashes at the good-looking guitarist. 😉

And during worship, too! Shame on me.

On another note, Emma is discovering the power of manipulation. She now knows that a pathetic whimper or heart-rending cry will bring her mommy rushing to her side and giving her a cuddle and a pat on the back. Youd think that with all this rushing Id be more fit. lol Anyway, this was making work time very stressful, especially when Id jerk the headphones from my ears to go see what was wrong and on my arrival her little eyes would brighten and shed smile gleefully at me, ready to play. And how can you be mad at that? Never. 🙂 Anyway, were getting a little more regulated I make sure shes not hungry or needing a diaper change and that nothing is pinching her, and if all is well I put her back down, give her a toy, and head back to my computer. Thankfully, shes extremely fascinated with the bright toys we have, and loves to try to eat them fiddle with them, though she does get frustrated with the lack of cooperation of her hands at times. Generally shell either be distracted or accept her pacifier. I love pacifiers. 😉

Emma Queen of Extreme

Hi, Mommy! Nice to see you!

*Disbelief* What? A baby was crying and you thought it was me? Certainly not!

I swear on my mothers er my great great great great grandmas grave it wasnt me!

Whats that? You SAW me?

It couldnt have been me, I wouldnt vex you for the world! See, Im serious. Dont I look serious?

Haha, only joking! That was a good one on you, mommy!