How Do You Feel About… Dirt?

I grew up in the country where dirt and bugs abound. I thought nothing of getting dirty and dusty it was all part of every day life work and play.

Then I grew up, got married, and weve lived in the city for the last seven years. Its amazing how living in the city changes you! I didnt realize how dirt-phobic I was until my little girl started walking. Suddenly I felt myself cringing at the thought of her getting dirty. I had become lazy and didnt want to have to clean her off.

Ive become a WIMP!

And worse I brainwashed my kid into thinking that getting dirty is a bad thing! What am I trying to do to this poor child? I dont want her growing up to be another Mr. Monk, thats for sure.

(In case you dont know who Mr. Monk is, hes an extreeeeme germaphobic. Go straight to Netflix instant and watch every episode, theyre GREAT!)

You know you have done something wrong when you go outside and your kid sees leaves on the ground and shouts, OH NO! MESSY!. On the last sunny day I let Emma play outside in her sandbox and she got a little bit of wet sand on her pants. She jumped up and with a tortured expression said, Dirt! and tried to take her pants off. I had a hard time distracting her even telling her it was okay to get dirty didnt help!

I have some serious work cut out for me. Im going to be making sure she gets good and dirty this summer! Because playing in the dirt and mud is FUN!

I have a feeling well be taking a lot of baths in the future

How do you feel about letting your kids make messes and get dirty?