Getting Your Child Involved in Toy Organization (How I Conquered the Clutter!)

Okay, I dont have a before photo for you, but Im sure you can use your imagination and picture in your mind what it looked like. Legos, play food, small animals, stuffed animals everywhere in Emmas room! I was trying to keep all of her toys in her little wooden IKEA toy box, and it so wasnt working. First, not all her toys would fit in it, and second, she didnt play with any of her toys because they were too hard to find! You know you need to do some organizing or go through your toys and get rid of some stuff when that happens. So thats what I did. First, I went through the toys, and discovered that we dont really have too many its just that she has a lot of play sets with small pieces that are hard to keep together.

Off I went to Target to grab some plastic Sterilite bins with lids. Then we went through Emmas toys and sorted them into the bins by category. Anything that couldnt be sorted we thought long and hard about how necessary it was and then put it in a bag to go to our local thrift store.

I made labels in Photoshop (you can use Microsoft Word, too) with pictures so Emma could easily keep her toys organized (I can dream, right?). I let her help me put the labels on, asking her which label went onto which box, and she really liked taping the labels to the boxes herself.

(I have to tell the perfectionist in me to chill about straight labels for this reason)

I was glad to see how proud Emma was of our accomplishment. 🙂

I was actually able to vacuum the floor after this! 😉

Yes, thats Emma actually playing with her Legos! Yay! (haha)

We may not have dealt with all the clutter in her room, but the majority of it is taken care of now. 🙂 I need to go back for one more bin so we can put Emmas Little People and accessories in it, then were good! Ah, its so nice when your kids have a clean floor. 🙂

Do you have any suggestions or tips on dealing with clutter in kids rooms?