Get Organized With Rubbermaid’s New Bento Storage Containers! {Awesome Giveaway}

So Rubbermaid has these awesome new organizing storage bins that I LOVE.

What makes them so special? Besides the fact that they look neat and classy, that is? First, check out whats on the inside of each container:

There are flexible dividers that can be easily snapped into place so that you can organize whats inside! If youve ever had to try to find something at the bottom of a cluttered box, youll love this!

Each of these containers is covered in a heavy-duty fabric. Their lids, or toppers are unique in that they can be placed on the box as a tray which you can use to organize small things (magazines, controllers, pencils, etc), or turn it around and it can be placed on the box as a lid with a flat top. You can also easily stack the boxes one on top of the other with the lid in the tray position.

Thanks to the awesome people at Rubbermaid, I received an entire set of Bento Storage Boxes and Toppers in Paprika. I set to work immediately organizing my house and was able to get quite a few things that were crazy unorganized put into order. That is such a satisfying feeling, you know?

Heres what I organized:

The extra-large box gave me a place to organize my bathroom towels, and with the large box I was able to put all of my preschool and art materials together in a way that makes it easy for me to get to what I want.

With the medium box Ive organized all of my mineral makeup. You dont even want to know what it looked like before, it was awful! I just had all the containers stacked up on that shelf and it was a mess!

The small box is keeping my ribbon organized. Another situation that was dire, I didnt even want to make anything with my ribbon because it was all a tangled mess I had hidden in my sewing box. Now I cant wait to start making bows and hair clips again!

I am so happy with these containers. Theyre high quality, sturdy, and I have no doubt will last a very long time. I love mine! The only downside I can see is that the containers and toppers are sold separately, so that gets expensive. If youre able to save up for them, though, theyre worth every penny in my opinion!

Where to Buy

You can find the Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes and Toppers in-store at Fred Meyer or online at or They come in three different colors and patterns and in size extra-large, large, medium, and small.

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