Fun With Printable Toys: Emma’s “Flying” Birds

So I get this really terrific email newsletter with free printable paper toys. Yesterday they sent me one I couldnt resist:


I had a feeling Emma would love it, so we set to work printing and then cutting each bird out

then we strung them onto some embroidery floss since I couldnt find yarn.

(Please excuse the chocolate on her face and the crazy hair)

I was pleasantly surprised at her delight over making the bird fly back and forth on the string. She was shrieking with laughter and having so much fun it was great! 🙂 Made all that painstaking cutting the birds out worth it.

I want to make more but our printer just ran out of color ink bummer! I like toys like this because you can throw them away after youre done with them. 😉 Another thing we do a lot is print coloring pages. I love printables!