Fun with Do-a-Dot Markers (and Cheese!)

I bought a set of Do-a-Dot Markers from Zulily when they had them on sale about a month ago. They are SO great for preschoolers, let me tell you! Theyre washable, brilliant in color, and you can leave the caps off for the duration of a project without worrying about them drying out. Theyre versatile when it comes to design, too. Emma loves them and asks to dot paint often.

Theyre perfect for school. I asked Emma to dot paint all of the big As one color and the little As another color and she did it!

Did you know there are special coloring books especially made for Do-a-Dot coloring? I found these alphabet Do-a-Dot printable coloring pages (free) at Homeschool Creations.

Emma decided that cheese and art goes together nicely. 😉

Proud of her final result. 🙂

I bought just the basic colors but I wish I had purchased both sets of colors now!

Have you ever tried Do-a-Dot Markers? What are your favorite art supplies for preschoolers?

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