Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner! I found these cute and yummy recipes and thought Id get my last Halloween post in. 🙂

Click on the pictures to go to the recipes!

Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding (From Food Network)

(This looks soooooo good!)

Halloween Boo-Scotti (from Food Network)
Mmmm, coffee and biscotti!

Breadstick Bones (From Pillsbury)

Hoot Owl Taco Salads (From Pillsbury)

(pretty silly but cute)

Hoot Owl Cookies (from MyRecipes Sunset)

Owl Cookies (From Melissa Makes Bread)

So I would love to know have you made (or are you planning on making) any fun Halloween treats or special dishes for Halloween?

I really want to make some owl cookies for Thanksgiving (hint to my mom, who has the awesome owl cookie cutters!)

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